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Some Quotes About Wilson Kober:

“...to put together a song is an awesome chore, and to do it well is even more so.  They both do it well! I admire their talent.

“It is unique and original and can be in it's own place.  It can, if you will, stand alone. Wilson Kober's music says things to their audience in a very nice way. Here's some of the "categories" their music touches:  Folk, light opera, troubadour (ish), romantic,  and always very meaningful.”

Justin Franzino - Musician

“Rich, who is a consummate entertainer, is an infectious guitar player and vocalist. His songwriting along with Judith’s song writing give new meaning to the word intense and passionate. They harmonize together like they are one, and the simple truth is; they are one. Their love for each other and the world at large flows out in their performance like water from Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Together Wilson and Kober are musical dynamite.”

John Thoennes - Producer

"The Kober Wilson duo has an exciting set of numbers in their repertoire. Their music has a sweet, heart-filled quality that leaves one feeling satisfied. Their lyrics are sometimes simple, sometimes complex and thought-provoking. Their harmonies and chords ring beautifully with delicious resolve in their phrasing.  You won't be disappointed in this couple's professional stage presence, either..... they are very expressive and tight in their performances. One hasn't heard music until one has heard these two play."

AML, Farwell - Violin Maker

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