Rich Kober’s musical career started while he was a high-school student playing guitar, singing leads and writing songs for his own band, The Great Society in 1966. Rich ran away from home at the tender age of 16 (bad boy) to join his favorite band, The Moonrakers, in Denver Colorado. This led to many gigs with rock bands west of the Mississippi and Hawaii with Rich performing lead vocals and playing guitar, bass guitar and keyboard. While in Seattle Rich Studied Operatic Voice under Mr. George Peckham, of Seattle Opera fame and voice teacher, Seattle’s best!  Mr. Peckham coached New Deal Rhythm Band, Heart, The Heat, Judy Collins, Dee Daniels, Ernestine Anderson, Reilly and Maloney, Merrilee Rush and over 5000 other students between 1936-94. He taught Rich to sing hard rock n roll without damaging his voice. No wonder he was able to sing in bands such as Hyena, Pretty Face, Rubber Bullet, Fair Game, Odyssey, and Patriot.

Rich met Judith Wilson while he was working a “day job” in Portland Oregon. IMMEDIATE ATTRACTION! Judith played folk guitar and wrote songs influenced by Joan Baez, Richard and Mimi Farina and Bob Dylan to name a few. In 1993, Rich and Judith quit their jobs and formed “A Little Rock”, a Hi-Tech duo with MIDI backup. They made a good living playing Classic Rock with a sprinkling of original tunes at clubs in the Northwest, Canada and Alaska. Their voices - Judith’s warm, country contralto, together with Rich’s smooth edge, created harmony like smoke and fire.

In 1995, while attending Portland State University, A Little Rock was re-named Wilson Kober. Judith (always practical) completed a degree in Business Management with Honors while Rich was singing in the University Choir and Madrigals. Mr. Kober earned High honors while collecting degrees in Opera and Arts and Letters and was also the Vocal Director for the University production of “Hair”.

Fast forward: today, Wilson Kober is a singer songwriter duo performing at venues all over the Pacific Northwest: Yellow Bird Studio (a house concert venue they created together), Tabor Space, Artichoke Music and White Eagle, not to mention campgrounds all over the country as they take their music to the people they meet in their Wilson Kober camp trailer. Most Wilson Kober songs are co-written. Their unique sound is an eclectic, rhythmic cohesion of rock, folk, blues and country with a provocative taste of new age thrown in for spice.

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